Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ATM's Bank Machines and Debit

Before there were ATM's or Debit systems, what would people do when they were out of money and all the banks were closed? Well, lets just say that they did not have a visa. We all know that carrying wads of cash around isn't exactly the smartest or safest thing to do. Either way, most people I know never pay with cash unless its for a coffee or maybe even a meal at a restaurant, but even there they now have the wireless debit terminals.

I've noticed that people tend to spend more money nowadays with their cards. Even when I've discussed it with friends, they say that they prefer to use cards so that they don't have to physically see how much money they are spending. And unless you have a low daily limit, people don't have to worry about running out of cash (if they have enough in their bank accounts). I'm sure the businesses aren't complaining. Banks are probably overjoyed as well. They are able to provide their customers with 24 hour service and don't have to worry about higher labor costs. They are also able to charge people for some or all transactions. So not only do banks save money, but they make money on top of it. Lets face it, when something makes life easier, you always have to pay for it one way or another.

On the other hand, I'm sure ATM's and debit has saved people in tight situations. We now take advantage of the convenience, but when you think about it, it is like carrying a vault around with you. People cannot take your money unless they have the code. Therefore in a way it probably has decreased the amount of robberies. Although, people do have to be careful as to which machines you use. Many ATM's have had hackers which were able to access your account and withdrawal your money.

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Cell Phones

Cell phones have been a great innovation from regular landlines. We are no longer bound by wires and stuck waiting in our homes or offices for important phone calls. Cell phones have freed us from enclosed walls. We are now able roam the streets freely without worries. Wow, talk about inspiring.

Cell phones have in a way changed socialization. Instead of relying more on face to face interaction outside of homes or offices, everyone seems much more dependent on using our cellular devices. Giving someone a call is much easier, and in some cases less intimidating than meeting in person.

Many cell phones makers understood the importance of email and have incorporated it in the phones. This has broadened our horizons. They allow us to talk to one another overseas without the high costs of travel or long distance charges. E-mail is also of big importance to some business people or students, allowing them to see information/data themselves and being able to access it whenever they want, instead of someone simply reading it out to them.

Smart phones are the new must haves in the digital world. I Phone for example allows users to download numerous applications, some being very useful and others just for entertainment. Blackberry has been known to be used by business people because it allows them to easily access their emails on a constant basis. It also has the BBM (Blackberry Messenger) which is an instant chat. All or most other smartphones have internet access if the consumer has a data plan. This allows one to do research and do some serious multitasking. Some even have a GPS system, which allows one to travel with confidence.

In general, no matter what cell phone is owned, one cant deny the convenience. Even the simplest of phones can be used as somewhat of a security purpose. It would allow us to make a call in cases of emergency while out. Keeping that in mind, it has made many people more at ease.

This video is quite interesting because it shows the cell phone as it evolved.

The IPhone has changed the cell phone industry, and is integrating everything else that people seem to find important. This shows just how convenient the product is.

Seinfeld sure is a simple man. He points out some of the annoying social issues can come about from using such entertaining devices. People seem to become too attached or dependent on these devices which could cause numerous problems.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Electronic commerce aka e-commerce is the buying and selling of products online, or through a computer network. It has been a big convenience to many people. Some being students, parents, homeowners, small business owners, corporations, and also importers and exporters. E-commerce makes purchasing almost effortless, allowing people to buy from the comfort of their own home or office. People do not need to worry about store hours, the travel time, or even annoying sales people. In most cases it is also easier to compare products and prices. Therefore you would get the best product for the best price available. Before e-commerce, doing the same amount of research would take full or several days, going store to store and the travel time in between. It is also more convenient in the sense that the buyers can do further research on the product before the purchase. There is tons of information about numerous products from both the customer’s point of view and also the company. Many people comment or blog about products and services, therefore you can obtain that information before experiencing it yourself. All that is needed is decent research skills. With this is mind there, it reduces some risk. Although, depending what is being purchased, it can be quite risky online. There are some security risks, as well as bogus listings. There is also a risk that the product will not be up to par with your expectations because you were not able to see or feel the product.

It is very important to do the right research when looking to purchase online. It is always smart to purchase off of a familiar or reliable website. It is all up to the customer whether or not they feel comfortable. Identity theft is a scary issue and should be taken seriously. Even though e-commerce is convenient, it doesn't mean that its the best way to go.

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